Bagel Run 2018

I am a runner, and I did manage to run for bagels.

It was a great event and my pace has been great so far. The hills were a challenge but I made it.

Quite frankly, I think I was the only black male running in this 5K. Yes, I noticed that. But it didn’t/doesn’t matter, I took it like any other race.

I finished it in 29.00 (unofficial)which is above my PR .

It was a nice early morning run. The bagels were awesome.

1st Trail Run Done and Dusted…

I am a runner, not a trail runner. but I will accept a challenge.

I decided to take a chance with the trail run (1st ever ) and  I conquered it.  For the 1st timers, word of advice, you will run a different way and you need the correct shoes to run. FORGET the Road running mentality, it won’t work until you are probably seeing the finish line.

So I had a great time with the people around and met Rich, who gave me tips about the trail as he was part of the organizing team. Oh and there was The Unicorn forgot her name) but she was trying to catch up with the walkers/runners. Motivation.

Going uphill was a task and there were some spots I had to walk but when I got to the replenish/drink center, I was ready to go downhill. On the last 0.2 miles I sprinted literally to the finish line since I had alot of energy stored in my legs as trail running is “slower” than road racing.

Its addictive I must say and probably will do it again if its available when I am visiting Las Vegas. The view of the mountains and hills was OMG!!!! Out of this world, trust me the pictures dont do justice.


The Unicorn


Almost to the refreshment point…


Rich and I- he ran the 1/2 marathon (1st time)

New 5K Personal Record!!

I am a runner,

who is making strides

and enjoying the ride.

Let me celebrate my new PR 27.19 from 28.42. I must be doing something right.

Winning Smile. pic courtesy: Tiffany

Finally got a picture with my Avid Runner Neighbor! #1 Running -Motivator

Current 2018 results – I was also #53 in my age group

2016 results – 1st time I ran this course.

Form Follow Fitness 5K


Form Follow Fitness 5K

Race review

The 5K course is ran around the downtown area of Dallas starting from Klyde Waren Park.

Parking: Paid (street parking- parking meter- use spare change or download Paymobile app and pay {max 2hrs 0.85 cts})

They had some great post-race refreshments which included water, Gatorade, banana. Food trucks are on the side of the road as well. There were also tons of giveaways that I got and awesome stuff.

There is a post-party event with bands and its really cool. I stayed around longer and met some cool friends through my neighbor who is an avid runner @vantasticrunner (Twitter).


Finisher Medals for the 5K finisher and Cool T-shirts.

The coolest thing about the medals is that you have to collect them for the next 3 years to make the Dallas skyline (how cool is that??) so I am locked in for the next few races


The course was generally flat and but your final 0.1 mile to the finish is a steep hill that will be a challenge. There were crowds are usually along the way and the finish line. Bearing in mind that you are running in downtown Dallas, the race was well organized and coordinated.



  1. They have an awesome post-race party and its very kid-friendly
  2. If you want to nice run around the city of Dallas and see the beautiful streets, this is the race.
  3. Very nice people and organizers as a whole. everyone is smiling and laughing.



The weather this year was cold and it drizzled so I ran in a poncho but it was still great. The crowd was as I have mentioned before lively and fun. There is this one exhibitor that has some out-of this world cakes -OH MY GOSH!!! I had to have 2 varieties as my guilt snack right after the race…Hey I earned those calories!!!

So 359 days to the next race in 2019

Form Follows Fitness 5K..

I am the ready runner, for the 3rd race in a month…

l got into this race because it’s fun and their unique medal assortment. Okay to be honest I am locked in for 3 more years because each year the medal is a piece of the Dallas Skyline that at the end you combine 4 pieces to make a full Dallas Skyline medal… outstanding and outrageously GENIUS!!!!

So, here is to my packet and I AM READY… You?

Lets meet up and run!!!…

Dash for Beads 2018


dashfor beads.JPG


I am a runner, and the cold weather did not dampen my spirits. Over the weekend, I ran the Dash for Beads 2018 at Kidd Springs Park in Dallas Texas.

Before the start of the race, it was cold. My toes were freezing and I kept hopping like an Easter Bunny to keep them warm. Once the race started all that was forgotten as I chased for the finish line.

This race has 3 hills and steep ones too but varies in inclination. The spectators that cheered along and gave out the beads were awesome and made me feel great.

Yes! I ran the Dash for Beads 5K and 10K and made a time of 30.57.(overall finish #144 an #13 in my age range)
Last year (2017), I ran the same race with a time of 37.45 (overall finish #469 an #50 in my age range).Tiffany accompanied me and powerwalked all the way finishing later on as I captured her on video walking to the finish line.

Whats your cold story running moment?

It was still cold after the race

Breakfast at Normas Cafe…