1st Trail Run Done and Dusted…

I am a runner, not a trail runner. but I will accept a challenge.

I decided to take a chance with the trail run (1st ever ) and  I conquered it.  For the 1st timers, word of advice, you will run a different way and you need the correct shoes to run. FORGET the Road running mentality, it won’t work until you are probably seeing the finish line.

So I had a great time with the people around and met Rich, who gave me tips about the trail as he was part of the organizing team. Oh and there was The Unicorn forgot her name) but she was trying to catch up with the walkers/runners. Motivation.

Going uphill was a task and there were some spots I had to walk but when I got to the replenish/drink center, I was ready to go downhill. On the last 0.2 miles I sprinted literally to the finish line since I had alot of energy stored in my legs as trail running is “slower” than road racing.

Its addictive I must say and probably will do it again if its available when I am visiting Las Vegas. The view of the mountains and hills was OMG!!!! Out of this world, trust me the pictures dont do justice.


The Unicorn


Almost to the refreshment point…


Rich and I- he ran the 1/2 marathon (1st time)


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Fun loving and Avid Runner, Current streaker Soccer Fan, Recreational Soccer Coach

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